Apap Machine | Transcend 365 Travel Auto PAP Machine

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  • Travel Auto CPAP Machine - Transcend miniCPAP (SMN-365)
by Somnetics
  • Travel Auto CPAP Machine - Transcend miniCPAP (SMN-365)
by Somnetics


Transcend Auto CPAP style 365 miniCPAP™ is a Auto adjusting portable CPAP machine, that takes travel PAP to a new dimension.

This incredibly small, truly portable sleep machine is constructed with a unique heated humidifier that delivers warm moist air to your nose.

The 365 miniCPAP uses Capillary Force Vaporizer™ (CFV) technology. CFV delivers warm, moist air to you only when you inhale to provide comfortable therapy when you need it.

Travel Auto PAP miniCPAP uses about half the water of a standard heated humidifier and much less energy.

This small CPAP Machine, lightweight package can deliver full humidification almost immediately and can even operate on battery power!

Packing List: Auto CPAP Machine x1

Accessories can be purchased at the same time.

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