CPAP Mask | Philips Respironic DreamWear Nasal Pillow Mask

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Philips Respironic CPAP Nasal Mask DreamWear is one of their popular cpap masks. This breathing machine mask is very comfortable, constructed with very soft silicone cushion that  reduces mask leakage when properly fitted.

Key Features

  • For a more natural sleep owing to it's compact size.
  • Soft, flexible mask frame, so it is not stiff in position,
  • Slim Headgear design for aesthetic value.
  • Innovative mask design for more freedom in sleep therapy with hose connection on the head
  • More comfort with DreamWear
  • Cushion under the nose

Size:(with standard mask frame): S, M,   in fit park (1116700), With 

Parking List: 1 headgear with 3 cushions of various sizes

Note: This mask comes in a vareity of sizing options, for example Large headgear with small nose piece or cushion.

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