CPAP Comfort Supplies

CPAP Comfort Supplies

CPAP Comfort Supplies  includes products that make it easier to tolerate the use of CPAP MAchines and Masks.

CPAP comfort supplies include CPAP Pillows, CPAP Hose Covers,Skin it, CPAP Tubing Suspender,CPAP Machine mat.etc.

                    CPAP PILLOWS

any-mask.pngCPAP Pillows if used by CPAP users will improve ease of CPAP Mask use, improve CPAP compliance, support neck and spine to avoid soreness when you wake up,proper alignment of spines and airway to eliminate snoring, prevent mask leakage and undue mask impingement on the face.

CPAP users sometimes find it challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position wearing their CPAP Masks, especially with full face masks. That is why we offer products to alleviate such problems for a more restful sleep that everyone desires.

To this end we supply you with either a CPAP pillow or CPAP Alternative for those who have not been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, but have been told by their partners that they snore.

CPAP Pillows we offer for your comfort works well with all CPAP Mask.