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F&P SleepStyle CPAP/Auto CPAP Machine is Fisher and Paykel's newest innovation for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

SleepStyle can be operated in fixed CPAP Mode and Auto Pap mode.

This Pap machine is simple in design, powered by technology. This machine has fewer steps to follow before you get to your therapy mode.

The water chamber is easily accessed to replenish water for humidification, which is intergrated for compactability.

It is user friendly with large responsive buttons to navigate through the menu by just "pushing start" button, you are ready to sleep soundly during your sleep apnea treatment.

F&P Sleepstyle is very quiet with a well integrated design,this was achieved by the power supply and humidifier have being integrated fully, to minimize space taken on the  bedside table.

Deatils of Perfomance features:

Performance features Fully integrated humidifier* Auto-altitude adjustment

ThermoSmart technology** Leak compensation

Auto-adjusting pressure† Efficacy reporting SensAwake Compliance reporting

Expiratory relief F&P InfoUSB

Central Sleep Apnea detection Bluetooth wireless technology

Ramp Cellular modem*

Compatible with

F&P SleepStyle App and Web‡

Not available in all models. ** The ThermoSmart Breathing Tube is required to activate ThermoSmart. † SleepStyle Auto only. ‡ Not available in all countries.

Package: CPAP Generator, CPAP Hose, CPAP Humidifier, & CPAP Bag


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