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  • Apap - AirMini Travel CPAP -N Mask Pack
by ResMed
  • Apap - AirMini Travel CPAP ( W/P10 Pillow Mask Pack-reference)
by ResMed
  • Apap - AirMini Travel CPAP ( W/N30 Nasal Mask Pack-reference)
by ResMed
  • Apap - AirMini Travel CPAP ( W/N20 Nasal Mask Pack-reference)
by ResMed
  • Apap - AirMini Travel CPAP ( W/F20  Full Face Mask Pack-reference)
by ResMed
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AirMini AutoSet Machine Machine is an ideal CPAP Machine for travelling, without the hazzle of carrying a bulky breathing machine for your air travel. This CPAP Machine can be conveniently, set up and used in the aircraft to enjoys a sound sleep. AirMini offers the same comfort as you would get from AirSense 10 devices.

Key Features:

  • Reorting: Download report  to your smart device for access to a range of adjustable comfort settings and your nightly score that tells you how well you slept. 
  • Purpose: AirMini has been designed to be used as a Travel CPAP. AirMini matches the performance of the larger AirSense 10. ResMed has achieved a significant reduction in size, while maintaining the same quality of therapy, through innovations including ActiveAir, HumidX/HumidX Plus, and the AirMini app.
  • Mode: AirMini offers all of the following therapy modes: CPAP, AutoSet (with Response option) and AutoSet for Her.
  • AutoRamp, Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR) and Smarts tart. And while it isn't required to operate the AirMini, the AirMini app provides convenient control of your machine.
  • Humidification: AirMini offers waterless humidification when using N20 or P10 for AirMini. The HumidX/HumidX Plus heat-moisture exchanger is a non-heated, waterless humidification system designed to deliver similar performance to ResMed's AirSense 10 machine with a humidifier setting between 2 and 5 using an unheated tube
  • Accessories: 
  • We have a variety of accessories available for the AirMini including HumidX /HumidX Plus water-less humidifiers, filters, a travel bag and travel case, a mount system, a DC/DC converter, and an AC adapter.
  • Mask Compatibility:The AirFit F20, AirFit N20, and AirFit P10 for AirMini are the only masks designed to work with the AirMini. Other masks do not work with the AirMini's ActiveAir and HumidX technologies.
  • AirMini Battery: Most cpap batteries will power Airmini

Packing List: AirMini AutoSet Generator(machine), Inbuilt Humidifier, 90Watt power cord (x1each)

AirMini Mask Options:AirMini can be set up up with the following mask setup packs -P10 setup; N20 setup pack; N30 setup mask,  connector as well as a HumidX and HumidX Plus waterless humidifier. Mask is not included. Also included: External 20W power supply.

SetUp not included.

By Prescription Only- Send your prescription by email or  Fax:647 748 6099 or Email: 

Disclaimer: The AirMini Machine manufacturer may change product composition or model anytime and the appearance vary from what is shown on the Photo. Be rest assured that we would supply the most current model of the brand indicatedFor additional product information and how to use, contact the manufacturer and your Physician or health -care professional in your local area. This machine should not be used for self -diagnosis or therapy. If you experience any problem while using it, discontinue use and contact your physician immediately for further assistance. KinMed will  not assume any responsibilities or liability for proper use/ misuse of this device or be held accountable for product information inaccuracies. 

Warranty: Defective devices are covered under the manufacturer's limited warranty.


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