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CPAP Cleaner | Lumin UVC CPAP Mask and Accessories Sanitizing System

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  • CPAP Cleaner -Lumin UVC CPAP Sanitizing System
  • CPAP Cleaner -Lumin UVC CPAP Sanitizing System
  • CPAP Cleaner -Lumin UVC CPAP Sanitizing System


Lumin UVC CPAP Sanitizing System is the easiest and fastest way to disinfect a CPAP mask and accessories.

Lumin works with a disinfection cycle time of 5 minutes, no harmful ozone, and a 99.9% kill rate for harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus.

It is the ideal machine for apnea patients who want freedom from harmful bacteria during sleep apnea treatment with CPAP Machines, cpap masks and accessories.


CPAP Cleaner Benefits:

  • 5- Minutes Disinfecting and Sanitizing, with just one-touch operation. The system automatically shuts off with a Lumin chime and light up at the end of the cpap cleaning cycle.
  • Uses UV, which KILLS 99% OF BACTERIA, just like high power germicidal UVC light used in operating rooms and surgical units in the hospitals. The UV Kills bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold inhabiting cpap masks,cpap hose or tubing, cpap headgear and other accessories.
  • No harmful Ozone- Ozone is shown by the EPA to irritate the lungs and the respiratory system. Your device is safe to use right away after sanitizing because there is no residue  to wipe off or waiting period required.
  • GENERAL-PURPOSE DISINFECTANT - The 3B Lumin can sterilize any item that fits in the drawer. Quickly sanitize your toothbrush, electronics, hearing aids, cell phones, or even children’s toys.
  • The Lumin CPAP Cleaner is a budget friendly sanitizer which requires virtually no maintenance or replacement parts


Note: this is not a CPAP Machine cleaner, you are free to bring your cpap machine or breathing machine to our store for cleaning.



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