Jack CPAP Mask & Tube Lift

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  • Jack CPAP Mask & Tube Lift
by CPAPology pack of 2 pieces
  • Jack CPAP Mask & Tube Lift- Holding a mask up
by CPAPology
  • Jack CPAP Mask & Tube Lift - holding cpap tube or hose up
by CPAPology


Jack CPAP Mask and Tube Lift is a CPAPology cpap accessory used to hold CPAP hose up and clear cpap users' neck. It uses a unique suction system that is capable of attaching onto multiple surfaces.

Each Jack package includes two Jack suction cups and two elastic twist bands. 

Simply remove the protective film from the suction cup, press the suction cup firmly against a clean and smooth surface. Cover with the plastic cap and screw the knob until you feel a resistance.  Test the suction cup to make sure it is stable by hanging a tube or mask from it.


  • Reusable & Durable
  • Can hold CPAP tubing in place to help avoid tangling and user discomfort
  • Easy to setup - no tools needed
  • Excellent way to dry your CPAP mask and tube
  • Great travel accessory - takes up little space in luggage
  • Includes two Jack suction cups and two elastic twist bands

Packing list: Mask and Tube Lift





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